Timeless Tales Photography bio picture

    Hello! I am Sarah although you can call me Sarzy :) I am Timeless Tales Photography, I am a mother and a photographer. People say you are not ‘what you do’ but I am! Photographer is who I am, even when I am not taking photos. I see the world in images, I watch where light falls and I compose the world into images, even without a camera in my hand.

    Timeless Tales is not about photos. Strange I know but this is why, we take 100’s of photos every week, our Instagram, Snapchat Facebook and the rest are full of photos. Timeless Tales is about capturing MORE. Seeing and documenting love, beauty, that look: it is about people, people that you love!

Family time memories

Sometimes, at just the moment you need it, life gives you a smile! Today I came across this photo (from a couple of years ago) and it made me happy <3
I love that photos can do that!