Portrait / Family Session Information

Why do some photos bring a tear to your eye?

It is a photo that captures something more: an emotion, a time or a personality. At Timeless Tales Photography we know how to capture that spark! It is in the detail. It is in the planning. It is in preparing a session that is right for your family. Most of all it comes from our photographer caring enough to know what to look for.

In the end we want to give you pieces of art that you will treasure and display! Working together we will create the photo session just for you!

Everyone should have beautiful photos, everyone deserves to have precious moments preserved.

"I know how cherished photos are. I still recall the feeling when my Grandparents home was flooded and I found the photos covered in muddy flood water! It was like being hit... To me they were most precious things in that home, they were the reminders of all the joyous times my Nan and Pop had had. Reminders of falling in love and raising a family. Reminders of all the people they have loved. Reminders of the silly, funny and amazing personalities that had touched them. That is why my husband and I lovingly cleaned and dried them. Photos are priceless because they are your link to those people in that time and the link to my grandparents was worth days of soaking, washing and drying mud soaked cards." -Sarzy (Owner and photographer at Timeless Tales)

If you have any more questions please use the contact tab or call on 0416085696, we would love to hear from you!